How to stay motivated during your job search

November 5th, 2023

How to stay motivated during your job search

Nothing beats that feeling when you first set out on a search for a new job. You’re excited for the future, eager to embark on a new challenge. You are highly motivated and feel positive. However, in some instances, you may find your job search is taking longer than expected. Those positive feelings can soon disappear, and job hunting can start to feel like a real challenge! If you receive a rejection and then maybe another, close second, you may question whether you’re doing the right thing. Could it be easier to simply stay put?

NO! Keep positive there was a reason you starting looking in the first place...

To be successful in your job search, it’s crucial that you try to push these worries and frustrations aside. We hope these tips will help you to do so. 

1. Remember why you started looking in the first place and set clear goals

✔️It could be helpful to write down your career goals, define what you are looking for in a job.
What was your initial motivation for looking for a new job? After a few weeks or even months of unsuccessful job hunting we may lose sight of our goals and you may feel like it’s easier to stay in the same job. But remember, you wanted a new challenge, what ever the reason keep reminding yourself of this. 

2. Take rejection constructively

✔️It’s awful being rejected for a job you desperately wanted, particularly when you felt as though the interview went really well. It’s natural to feel disheartened, but make sure that you don’t take rejection personally and that you keep positive. Use the feedback as a way to move forward. Ask for detailed feedback from the recruiter or interviewer as to why you weren't selected for the job. It could well be that someone internal got the job or someone could start sooner than you and it was nothing to do with how you performed at the interview.

3. Create a routine and remember to take breaks & time away from the job search 

✔️Set up job alerts a little like "Rightmove" when property searching! This means that jobs will be emailed to your inbox!  Find specific job boards to your industry. For example if you are an accountant try Accountancy Age and GAAPWeb, or the ACCA/CIMA websites and visit the job pages, as well as the generalist job boards eg "Indeed" or "Reed". Spending hours online searching for opportunities, completing applications forms, talking to agencies and preparing for interviews can take its toll. A job hunt can often feel like a full time job in itself! Take a week off now and then and focus on other things in your life, or even take a longer break to up skill in areas you think could help improve your skills and CV, then get back to it with renewed energy. Try "networking" in your industry sector, pluck up the courage and energy to pop along to a local networking event. 

4. Stay organised

✔️Use tools like spreadsheets to track your applications and follow up your applications with an email or even better a phone call.  

5. Seek support and keep adapting

✔️Share your job search challenges with friends and/or a recruitment consultant that you trust. You may gain valuable insights and encouragement. Be open to adjusting your approach based on feedback and changing circumstances.

5. Contact a reputable recruitment agency for advice and register with them

✔️Always good to talk to a good recruiter who specialises in your industry. Ask them questions about the market. Get feedback on your CV, is your CV up to scratch? Make your CV stand out from the crowd. Is it missing any key details? In the past I've tried to phone a candidate but no mobile number on the CV! Are you applying for jobs out of your reach? Get some advise from the experts. Recruiters can also give you advice on which job boards to use and upload your CV to. A good recruiter should also be able to give you advice on your LinkedIn profile and help you improve your profile as well as your "online" presence. 

6. Don’t be too hard on yourself and celebrate the "small" wins!

✔️Look back on what you’ve achieved in your career so far and remember how capable you are. In particular, remind yourself of the skills and qualifications you’ve picked up along the way and the amount of knowledge you have. Doing this will help you to stay positive and realise what a great asset you will be to the right company.  Acknowledge and reward yourself for every accomplishment, whether it's a successful phone call with a recruiter, a good interview or a well written new shiny CV.

Remember job hunting can take time, but maintaining motivation and a positive mindset can improve your chances of landing the RIGHT job.

If you would like advice on how to write a CV, look for a job in the accountancy sector or you need support in finding a job. Don't hesitate to reach out to Clare at Vardey Recruitment. We would love to hear from you,

November 2023

By Clare Dear